ORICHEM LALSON 30 Tab (Pack of 20)

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LIVER TONIC Useful for Ricketic Children

LALSON is an ayurvedic Patent medicine of its own type. It has proved of great value in the treatment of ricketic condition and nutritional active ingredients. Besides other active medicaments it contains sufficient amount of assimilable iron and traces of copper. It is well known pharmacological fact that the copper aids the iron in the formation of heamoglobin in young babies. Specially the nutritional anaemia of infants improves more rapidly when iron is combined with minute doses of copper.
It has been found experimentally that the copper content of brain and liver of the foetus and infant is greater than that of the adults. The foetus stores its iron in the liver which tides the infant over the normal periods of suckling.
The infants do require extra copper and iron in their food bacause the milk contains insufficient iron & copper for its needs this extra copper and iron is supplies by LALSON.
Hence in the complaints of sluggish liver anaemia rickets, with or without diarrhoea or Vomiting LALSON should be administered with confidence.

DOSE : One tablet oncé a day for a child under six months and twice a day adove six months with water.

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Original price was: ₹800.00.Current price is: ₹536.00.